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May 9, 2006

For Sale By Owner vs. Realtor

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Let me start by saying, that a realtor who works for a living and wants to actively sell your home, is worth thier weight in gold in selling your home.  That being said, recently some friends came to me after 3 months of listing thier home with a realtor with no success.  They were frustrated with the lack of effort that thier realtor seemed to put forth.  They told me how they could put a sign in thier yard and get the same return without paying a realtor.  I told them what I said earlier that a realtor who believes in selling your home is Great but if they don't believe in it then they aren't going to put forth the effort that is needed.  I explained that if they wanted to sell thier home it would take hard work and dedication and they needed to be up to the challenge.  I also offered my assistance in advertising and support.  So I added a section to my web page to list homes for sale and I use my advertising that is already in place to direct people to the site.  Bottom line mortgage professionals no matter how good thier intention are not realtors and don't have the experience of selling homes that realtors do.  But if your going on your own then we can definately assist you with the process.  Will it save you money?  Depends on the realtor.  A good one earns thier money and saves you time.  What's your time worth?  A bad realtor cost you time.  What's your time worth?  What's your feeling on For Sale by owner vs. Realtors?


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